Akers Monthly – January 2024

Happy New Year!

We hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Years – we certainly did!
Now the new year is here it is time to get a start on those lawn and garden resolutions.

Contemplating an update on one of your outdoor areas this new year? Why not give us a call and we can come out and give you a FREE, no obligation quote!


Before                                                                 After


Before                                                                 After


Before                                                                 After

Akers of Lawn can work with you to design an outdoor space that will suit both your budget and lifestyle. Our experience extends beyond just lawns. In addition to lawns, we can also help you design a space which includes any of the following – Paving, Edging, Small Retaining, Steps, Steppers, Irrigation, Garden Beds and Plants!

We also offer a Follow Up Service to all newly laid lawns and existing customers which includes: Lawn assessments, Fertilising (Granular and/or Liquid) as well as Pest, Weed and Disease treatments.

Is your lawn looking a bit average after the holiday season?

Have you been away and come home to an overgrown and dry lawn? Or been distracted enjoying the holiday period with family and friends, letting your lawn go for a few weeks? Or have you spent too much time on your lawn during the holiday season, and now it looks run down a smidge? Here are some tips on how to encourage your lawns and gardens to flourish with some help from the summer sun!

The most important thing to do for lawn recovery is regular watering and regular mowing.

A lot of lawns have gone crazy this holiday season due to the weather and rains that we had throughout December. It is important to note that you should only cut your lawns down 1/3 of the leaf at a time, and wait at least 24 hours between mows if it is very lengthy. This will avoid stressing your lawn, and restrict any discolouration caused from lawn burn or gouging. Keep in mind that using a higher mowing height is always recommended during the summer period to allow the lawn to absorb more sunlight and keep it strong.

If you haven’t had much of a watering schedule lately it is important to make one again, especially as the temperatures rise and the rains ease off, to make sure your lawns stay hydrated and healthy. It is recommended to water early in the day, or late afternoons to avoid peak heat. Your lawn’s watering schedule will depend on the lawn type, soil type, the weather, and your water pressure. At a minimum we recommend watering twice a week with 1 ½ – 2 inches of water.

Giving your lawn a dose of fertiliser during the warm season can help your lawn recover from any stresses, as well as improve its colour and strength. Try to avoid applying fertiliser, or any products, to your lawn during the peak heat of the day.
Granular Fertiliser
Apply a high nitrogen, slow-release granular fertiliser to give your lawn all the essential nutrients needed. Granules will gradually break down and dissolve into the soil to be absorbed into the lawn’s roots. Spread evenly, water in, and the granules will deliver a constant feed over 6-8 weeks. We recommend using Akers Organic Based Granular Fertiliser or Akers Soil Booster & Lawn Food.
Liquid Fertiliser
Apply a liquid fertiliser to give your lawn a quick green-up and health boost. It is easy to apply, gives a uniform application, and is absorbed through both the leaf and soil, giving fast results. We recommend using Akers Liquid Kelp, a combined fertiliser and growth stimulant.

We can also apply granular or liquid fertiliser as part of our Follow Up Service! Give us a call on 8326 3255 if you would like more information, or to book in.

Product of the Month

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Happy New Year! To celebrate a fresh year, we are offering our ENTIRE Akers Product Range at 20% OFF!! Stock up now on Lawn Fertilisers, Garden Fertilisers, Lawn Seed, Top Dress, and Gypsum – everything you need to get a great start on your lawn and garden resolutions.


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Rhizomatous Tall Fescue (RTF)
Perennial Ryegrass
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Seed available in sizes 1kg, 2kg and 5kg.
Dichondra available in 100g and 250g.

Dal’s Gardening Tips

  • January can be a good time to plant some Australian natives like Callistemons or Grevilleas.
  • Stone fruit will be ripening (if it hasn’t already), so make sure you pick your fruits before the birds do! If your fruits aren’t ready yet, use some netting to help protect it.
  • If you haven’t already, mulch! This will help protect roots from hot temperatures and help retain moisture to keep your plants and flower happy and hydrated with less watering. Remember to keep mulch back from the plant stem, leaving a well around the base of the plant.
  • Even though it is likely to become quite hot, which is not an ideal time to be planting new seedlings and veggies, you can still try giving eggplant, zucchini, cucumber, capsicum, chillies and tomatoes a go.
  • If you are finding water beading, sitting on top of, or running off the soil surface apply a wetting agent such as Baileys Grosob or Lawnporn Moist. This is important for helping water stay in the soil.
  • Once your roses have produced the best blooms, prune them back a little bit. This promotes stronger re-flowering.

Our staff have all enjoyed a much deserved break, but we are excited to get back into the swing of things on Monday 8th of January.
Turf Deliveries will be available as of Tuesday 9th January.

Do you have any lawn or garden questions?

We want to hear from you!
Send us any questions or topics you want covered and they may get featured in our next Akers Monthly!

As always, thank you for your support!

We cannot wait to see what this year brings.

Dal, Jacqi and the Akers of Lawn team