Akers Organic Based Turf Tonic

The perfect liquid fertiliser to give your lawn everything it needs to be the envy of the neighbours. Featuring a specially formulated combination of nutrients and trace elements, Akers Organic Based Turf Tonic boasts significant levels of nitrogen, iron, manganese and magnesium to deliver a strong green colour as well as steady growth over time.

Healthy turf exists when the root zone is well established, leading to a stronger plant that can resist extreme weather, pests and diseases. Akers Organic Based Turf Tonic contains the ideal combination of elements to ensure a healthy root system. With the inclusion of copper and molybdenum to ensure optimal nitrogen efficiency for root growth, and added bio-stimulants and zinc for root strength, Akers Organic Based Turf Tonic gives your lawn the resilience it needs.

Akers Organic Based Turf Tonic aims to:

  • Build and maintain plant health
  • Improve plant protein development
  • Improve and strengthen root growth
  • Establish resilience to weather, pests and diseases
  • Enhance overall soil health by encouraging microbes


Apply monthly for best results.

Works best when applied during growing seasons, when turf is not stressed. Apply early in the day during dry conditions for best results. Avoid spraying in hot weather.

Do not exceed recommended application rate of 4% of total solution. Once distributed, allow product to dry on leaf and then irrigate in well.