Seeded Lawn

Choosing to seed your lawn can be a good choice for patchy areas, areas which are struggling with getting full sunlight, or if you want to create a lawn on a budget.

Seeding a lawn takes patience and preparation so please take the time to read on how to sow seed in our FAQ-Guides. Seed can be a beautiful solution to your yard provided you give the seed the attention it needs in the early weeks before germination. For more information on the care required see our Aftercare for Seeded Lawns.

Below are the seed varieties we offer, which can be found for purchase online and instore.

This blend has an attractive nature that can be planted in all turf required areas. It has a self-repairing nature with couch grass being added to give it the ability to run into high wear regions, yet a very high quality finish is easily achieved with basic turf maintenance. Often used in high traffic areas such as school ovals and building surrounds.

This blend combines the latest, most shade tolerant grasses to cope with the unique conditions experienced where impaired light affects turf quality. Dichondra is included which will run and fill gaps; plus it will also persist where it is too dark for any grass to survive.

A tough blend of grasses including 5% kikuyu that allows for a self-repairing nature. Pro-Parks blend is traditionally used in areas that have high traffic wear and are required to be hardy, such as high-density housing areas, schools, public grounds, and community buildings.

This unique variety of tall fescue grows with rhizomes to improve its ability to self-repair, and lowers maintenance requirements. It is a cool season lawn that maintains a lush, deep green appearance, and can grow in full sun and part shade. It is great for low traffic areas, and for those looking for a beautifully green showpiece lawn.

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