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At Akers of Lawn we have 9 varieties of natural lawn to choose from to improve your garden area. They are all displayed out the front of our Lonsdale office for viewing during sunlight hours, 7 days a week. Have a read of each variety here to help make the decision easier on which lawn would be best for you.

We offer supply and install, or supply only, on all of the lawns. Please be aware that there is always the possibility that some lawns may be unavailable due to weather or turf farm availability. Winter rain can occasionally prevent the turf farms from cutting the lawn, which may lead to short notice unavailability. If there are any problems after your order is placed, we will let you know as soon as we are aware of them.

If you are after something with less maintenance we also offer artificial lawns for supply and install. We do not do just supply. We have all of the varieties available displayed inside our office for viewing during business hours. Have a read of each variety here to help make your decision easier.

If you would like us to install please fill in the quote request form here. Otherwise find out more information on our lawn supply below.

If you are keen on getting your hands dirty and making a difference to your garden we are happy to supply you with the lawn to do so, straight to your driveway!

Read about our different lawn varieties, along with the price list and delivery information, here.

Once you have decided on what turf you are after, and how much, give our office a call to book it in. Payment must be made before we can proceed with your order, and can be done via credit card over the phone, or with cash/card in our office.

Delivery areas vary between each turf farm we supply from. Outer-metro costs also vary depending on your area, so please give us a call if you are unsure.

Pallets: Deliveries from Brook Turf will have pallets collected 10-14 days after delivery. Please leave them out where they can be seen by the driver. Lawn Solutions pallets will not be collected.

If you are wanting to do up your lawn yourself and don’t know where to start check out our New Lawn guide for some help. We also stock a few products that are useful when doing up your garden. Check our shop page to see if we have something that could help you.

Akers of Lawn are happy to now offer a pick up option from our Lonsdale premises. This is a perfect option if you are wanting a small amount of lawn, live local, or just don’t want to pay that pesky delivery cost.

To order please call our office to let us know how much lawn you are after, of what variety, and when you will be coming to collect it. Payment must be made before we can proceed with your order, and can be done via credit card over the phone, or with cash/card in our Lonsdale office.

PICK UP TIMES: Friday 12 – 4:30, Saturday 10 – 1

Turf must be ordered and paid for by 3pm the Wednesday before.

When picking up turf please come into our office first to confirm and sign for your order. We will then direct you to move your vehicle up to the warehouse door. All pick ups are up to the customer to hand load into their appropriate vehicle*. If your vehicle or trailer can allow for a pallet, please let us know prior so we can arrange to forklift it for you. We cannot guarantee this for every order as we will be unable to forklift your turf if there are multiple orders on the same pallet.

Occasionally small amounts of turf are available from over-ordering for jobs (at no extra cost to the customer). This turf is still fresh and handled as little as possible. It is stored in our office warehouse and is available for collection during business hours. Please contact our office to enquire on amounts, varieties, and price.

Pick up orders will only be made once a minimum amount of 30m2 has been met for an individual turf farm. This can be made up of multiple smaller orders and include different turf types. If we are unable to complete your order for any reason, we can keep your details on file for contact when next available for re-order. If you are after a small amount of turf that we do not currently have and would like to be put on our next available list, please call our office and let us know.

*Please note that turf can be quite heavy. Check the weight allowance details below for what vehicles/transport will be required for turf you are after.

  • Each slab of 0.5m² turf weighs approximately 10kg
  • Therefore, each m2 of turf weighs approximately 10kg to 20kg (variance due to moisture in turf)
  • The difference per square metre from dry to wet can be up to 10kg
  • All allowances below are based on heavy, wet turf
  • Weight allowances include driver/passengers and contents in vehicle, therefore car is based on one driver only in the below table. If there is more than one passenger, use the total weight column to consider reasonable additional weight allowance
  • When transporting orders greater than 30m² a tandem trailer with brakes is required, or a 1 tonne ute. Always ensure trailer regulations are adhered to.

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