Garden Beds

Raised garden beds are becoming increasingly popular as society wants to become more self sufficient. Not only do raised garden beds allow for a designated space for your edibles, they provide easy access for those that need it, they are low maintenance and can come in a range of colours and sizes.

At Akers of Lawn, we have experience in supplying and installing both pre-manufactured and built on site garden beds. Dingo Garden & Tanks raised garden beds are a local South Australian company who make quality raised garden beds for Australian conditions. We work together with them to manufacture, supply and install their steel garden beds which come in 14 different colours and a range of sizes. Alternatively, our experienced paving team can build raised garden beds using blocks from APC’s Versa range.

As part of our raised garden bed service, we can:

  • prepare the area which includes compacting, weed mat and topping with gravel or stones
  • fill the garden beds with quality soil ready for planting
  • supply and installation of a garden dripline irrigation system for easy watering

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