Akers Organic Based All Rounder Plant Fertiliser

A balanced complete plant food. The organic based formulation is low in Phosphorus and ideal for all plants including natives. The blend of slow release and fast acting ingredients provides both immediate results and extended feeding for up to 3 months.

Akers All Rounder Plant Fertiliser is easy to apply, is suitable for year-round use and aims to:

  • Boost root and plant growth
  • Increase flower and fruit production
  • Add trace elements & nutrients
  • Improve soil health


Always water in well immediately after application. Apply no closer than 20cm from the trunk or stem of plants. Do not place in the bottom of the planting hole–always mix through soil.

NATIVES: Apply 50g (approx. 1 handful) per m2 every 8-12 weeks.

FRUITING & FLOWERING TREES: Apply 150g (approx. 3 handfuls) per metre of plant height. Apply around the dripline area, mix gently into topsoil or cover with mulch. Apply early Spring and repeat every 8-12 weeks.

SHRUBS & FLOWERING PLANTS: Apply 100g (approx. 2 handfuls) per m2 every 8-12 weeks.

VEGETABLES, HERBS & FLOWER BEDS: Apply 100g (approx. 2 handfuls) per m2 at planting time. If established, spread evenly over the garden bed and mix into the top 10cm of soil. Repeat application every 8 weeks.

POTTED PLANTS: Apply 25g to a 200mm pot, 50g (approx. 1 handful) to a 300mm pot, and 200g to a 500mm pot. Increase according to pot size. If established spread evenly over the surface of the potting mix, avoiding stem and foliage. Repeat application every 8-12 weeks.