Lawnporn Moist

While it’s name sounds a little silly, Moist is a serious, professional grade soil wetting agent designed to maximise water usage and water availability in the root zone of lawn. It does this by improving water penetration, moisture retention and distribution within the soil, keeping precious water at the root zone for longer.

Uniform movement of water is essential in all turf management practices and assists in improving air to water ratios, drainage capacity, nutrient uptake and movement of soil applied pesticides.

The result is a not only a more resilient lawn through a long, hot summer, but also a lawn that grows more evenly due to the elimination of wet and dry spots that cause varying growth rates.

  • Perfect for all soil types
  • Irrigate immediately after application, using 4-7mm of water
  • Do not apply if temperatures are above 32°C
  • Do not tank mix with any other product