Maximiser G Soil Wetting Agent

A premium granular soil wetting agent for Turf, Trees, and Garden beds

Maximiser G is a premium granular soil wetting agent with penetrant and retention properties, specially designed and formulated for High Value Turf areas (i.e. Golf & Bowling Greens, Premium Sports Fields) and Broadacre Turf areas (i.e. Golf Fairways, Sports Fields, Racetracks, Turf Farms, Reserves & Parks, Polo Fields, Cemeteries, Lawns, General Turf areas) and Tree and Garden bed areas.

Maximiser G has key ingredients that penetrate and retain the moisture in the soil profile and root zone, enabling turf managers and gardeners to reduce moisture stress and dry patch (localised dry spot) and hold moisture in the root-zone that usually drains and dries out quickly.

Features and Benefits:

  • Maintains turf health & vigour
  • Gives water quick and even penetration to ensure limited evaporation and runoff losses.
  • Ensures uniformed distribution, movement, and availability of moisture / water in the root-zone.
  • Alleviates problems associated with water repellency and dry patch (localised dry spot) from hydrophobic soils.
  • Allows hydrophobic soils to be re-wet, and prevents dry patch.