Barmac AMOS Adjuvant

AMOS Ammonium Sulphate Tech Grade Spray Grade Herbicide Adjuvant contains a 98 % technical grade ammonium sulphate formulation specifically developed for improving spray tank herbicide solution performance under a range of environmental conditions. It is recommended for use with glyphosate and flowable non-selective herbicides.

  • Conditions poor quality water to a higher standard
  • Neutralises water alkalinity and carbonates through the acidifying/buffering action
  • Prevents alkaline hydrolysis (pre-mature breakdown) of expensive chemicals
  • Improves penetration of herbicides into plants
  • Results in higher weed mortality when used with Glyphosate based and flowable herbicides
  • Improves compatibility of Glyphosate/Trifluralin and Glyphosate/Triazine based herbicides
  • Extremely cost effective herbicide spray solution adjuvant