Akers Certified Organic Chicken Poo



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Akers Certified Organic Chicken Poo

Akers of Lawn has paired with Adelaide’s Garden Guru, Michael Keelan, to package Akers Organic Chicken Poo, a natural product that has all the benefits of chicken poo and much less mess. Using composted chicken manure, our product is steam treated to stabilise the nutrients and maximise nutrient uptake, and then made into a pellet form.

A versatile, multi-purpose, and organic nutrient, Akers Organic Chicken Poo takes simple soil and transforms it to create the perfect foundation for planting.

Akers Organic Chicken Poo is environmentally-friendly and aims to:

  • Improve the structure of the soil by encouraging worm activity and increasing microbial activity
  • Promote faster and more sustained growth for plants
  • Increase plant health, leading to better resistance to pests and diseases
  • Improve water retention in the soil

Due to their varied diet, chicken poo provides valuable nutrients needed for efficient plant uptake, including high levels of calcium, and a slow-release source of both macro and micro-nutrients.


NATIVES: Disperse 100g at the base of each plant and work into the topsoil every 8-10 weeks.

NEW PLANTING: Prior to new planting, place a handful into each planting hole (approx. 60g) and place plant and soil on top.

ROSES: Disperse 150g per plant, from trunk to dripline, and work into the topsoil every 8-10 weeks.

ESTABLISHED PLANTS: Spread across topsoil at 100g per m2 and work into the earth. If using on trees, disperse under trees from trunk to dripline, and work into the topsoil at a rate of 500g per tree, per year of growth.

TOP DRESSING: Can be used to top dress a vegetable bed by working through the topsoil at a rate of 150g per m2 prior to planting, or at a rate of 100g per m2 every 8-10 weeks.

Available in a 10kg refillable bucket


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