Akers Soil Booster & Lawn Food contains essential elements and is specially formulated to encourage rapid growth and greening of all lawn types. With the inclusion of slow-release nutrients, the ongoing health of the lawn is maintained. Ideal for use on new or established lawns and when renovating problem grassed areas, Akers Soil Booster & Lawn Food’s granular formulation is easy to apply and delivers all the nutrients your lawn needs.

Akers Soil Booster & Lawn Food aims to:

  • Improve leaf growth and colour
  • Encourage stronger root growth
  • Build resistance to disease & fungal attacks
  • Protect against lawn stress
  • Boost soil microbial activity

Akers Soil Booster & Lawn Food contains high levels of sulphur, an element which assists in the forming of chlorophyll in plants. Sulphur is essential for plants to photosynthesise and assists in resistance to extreme weather, such as the harshness of winter and the heat of summer. Sulphur also assists in the uptake and use of nitrogen, which is essential for plant growth, colour and nutrient uptake.

Perfect for use on all grass types.


Apply every 6-8 weeks during spring, summer, and autumn using a spreader. Always water in immediately after application.