Baileys Sure GreeN Profile

A 1.5mm prill, high nitrogen blend for active turf areas and greens. The micro prill settles readily into finer turf profiles and is 70% readily soluble. Contains 50% slow release nitrogen for steady growth and an excellent trace element profile. Contains Grosorb wetting agent.

  • The mini sized granules penetrate the turf canopy more effectively, providing essential nutrients where they are needed.
  • The smaller granules dissolve and release nutrients more quickly, leading to faster nutrient uptake by the turf.
  • Combines an equal balance of readily available and slow release Nitrogen for sustained growth and vibrant colour.
  • High Iron delivers deep, lush green colour, improving the appearance of turf.


  • Micro prill 1.5mm
  • For high profile turf areas & greens
  • High in trace for deep greening
  • Contains Grosorb Wetting Agent