Akers Certified Organic Fertiliser is a multi-purpose crumbled fertiliser which is made up of composted seaweed, fish, humic acid, and manure. Both a soil and plant conditioner, it contains the perfect blend of environmentally-friendly ingredients to ensure versatility of application. Presented in a crumble form, as it is ideal for dry conditions, ensuring an instant breakdown and quick uptake across all Australian seasons.

Throughout the composting process, care is taken to ensure the nutrients are stabilised and available for maximum uptake. Akers Certified Organic Fertiliser is free from parasites, pathogens and weed seeds, however retains all the good microbes which are needed for healthy soil.

What does it do?:

Akers Certified Organic Fertiliser aims to:

  • Promote plant and root development and growth
  • Aid resistance to heat, frost, drought, pests and diseases
  • Helps the ability of plants to retain moisture
  • Introduce healthy microbes directly to the plant and soil, improving overall wellbeing and health of the garden environment

Benefits of Seaweed: Seaweed is a natural fertiliser, containing nitrogen, potassium, phosphate and magnesium, all essential nutrients for plant growth. Additionally, seaweed contains hormones which encourage plant growth and aid in water retention.

Benefits of Fish: Another natural resource, fish is an excellent addition to your fertiliser routine, aiding in putting micronutrients back into the soil which helps encourage healthy microbes.

Benefits of Humic Acid: Humic acids act as a carrier of nutrients from the soil to the plant roots. They assist the roots of plants in the uptake of water and nutrients by attaching to the depleted areas of plant roots and assisting the absorption process.

Benefits of Manure: Chicken manure is highly beneficial for plants, particularly due to being a source of nitrogen, which is the main nutrient required for leaf and seed growth.


ESTABLISHED GARDENS: Apply 100g per m2 every 6-8 weeks throughout the year, including winter, or as required.

NEW PLANTING: Apply 50g per plant to base of hole and cover with 1cm to 5cm soil.

POTS: Apply 50g per 200mm pot every 6 weeks with relative increases/decreases dependent on pot size.

ESTABLISHED LAWNS: Apply 100g per m2 every 10-12 weeks throughout the year, or as required.

NEW LAWNS: Incorporate 100g per m2 into the soil prior to planting or laying.

Always water in well.


View our Akers Organic Based Fertiliser here. This is a more nitrogen rich product suitable for all lawns during the growing season.