Akers Monthly – September 2023

Spring has Sprung!

The sun is starting to come out, bringing with it blue skies and warmer weather, meaning one thing – springtime is finally here!
Time to start preparing your lawn for the rest of the year, starting with getting on top of pest and weed maintenance early in the spring season.

Get Black Beetle Ready!

The African Black Beetle, while harmless during winter, can become a large issue moving into spring and summer. Black Beetles can lay between 6-12 eggs that begin hatching once soil temperatures increase. As the larvae grow, they travel through the soil and feed on lawn and plant roots. This creates patches and trails of damaged or dead lawn that will continue to increase in size as the pest grows.


Black Beetle Larvae                                              Adult Black Beetle

Black Beetle Damage

You will need to act quickly once you spot the damage, as if left untreated Black Beetle can spread all through your lawn, destroying large areas in a small amount of time. They can be hard to spot, even with damage evident, so it can be helpful to keep an eye out for an increase of birds pecking into your lawn as they try to eat the juicy bugs.

What is the best way to treat Black Beetle?

Acelepryn is the most effective insecticide on the market. It provides season-long safe and effective control of several targeted insects and bugs. The unmatched formulation offers:

  • Up to 6 months protection at the higher application rate
  • Exempt from poison scheduling
  • High turf safety
  • Season-long grub and insect control
  • Ease of use with no re-entry periods and no PPE requirements
  • Low environmental impact low toxicity to most non-target animals, including birds, fish and bees

Acelepryn is available to purchase as a granule, in 4kg or 10kg, and as a 100ml liquid.
Alternatively, we can come out and apply this product to your lawn as part of our Follow Up Service. Give us a call to book in!
Other products that are effective against Black Beetle and other insects include: Lawn Solutions Grub GuardTemprid 75 Insecticide, Yates Grub Kill & Protect, ProForce Echelon Duo and Yates Baythroid Advanced Insect Killer for Lawns.


Pre-emergent herbicides target seasonal weed seeds during germination, reducing the chances of Summer Grasses and Cereal Grasses appearing in your lawn. During spring is the best time to apply a treatment to prepare your lawn for the new set of weeds that warmer weather brings.

For the best seasonal weed control, we recommend applying a pre-emergent in both spring and autumn, or every 10-12 weeks depending on product applied (please read directions on the product label).

Lawn Solutions Oxafert

Oxafert is a combination pre-emergent and fertiliser that lasts in the soil for up to 12 weeks. It is an easy to apply granule in a convenient 3kg bag that is perfect for use on Kikuyu, Buffalo or Tiftuf Bermuda lawns.
Read more here.

Freehand Herbicide

Freehand Herbicide is a granule pre-emergent that is safe on Kikuyu, Buffalo and Couch lawns, and even in the garden. This is a great option if you have applied a fertiliser recently as it only contains pre-emergent
Read more here.


OxaPro is a granular combination of pre-emergent and fertiliser that is safe for Kikuyu and Buffalo lawns. It comes in a large 20kg bag and one application provides up to 12 weeks of control and feeding.
Read more here.

Spartan Herbicide

Spartan Herbicide is a liquid pre-emergent that is safe for use on all lawn types and is effective in the soil for up to 6 months. A liquid treatment is a great option for pet owners as it is safe once watered in and fully dry.
Read more here.


PendiPro is a granular combination of pre-emergent and fertiliser that is safe for Kikuyu and Couch lawns. It comes in a large 20kg bag and one application provides 6-8 weeks of control and feeding.
Read more here.


Echelon Duo is a combination of pre-emergent, fertiliser and insecticide presented as a ready to apply granule that is safe for Kikuyu, Buffalo and Tiftuf Bermuda lawns. It provides up to 90 days of weed & insect protection and does it all in one application!
Read more here.

We also offer pre-emergent treatments as part of our seasonal Follow Up Service. Give us a call to book your lawn in!

Please note that pre-emergent also targets lawn seed, so avoid re-seeding any treated areas for 4 months.

Seaweed & Gone

Want to rid your lawn of lingering weeds and promote new spring growth?
Seaweed and Gone is an exclusive and unique product to Akers of Lawn, designed and developed by our very own Brad Akers.

It is an all-in-one treatment for turf, containing a liquid foliar fertiliser, broadleaf weed killer and weed deterrent that is safe to use on ALL lawn types. It targets weeds such as clover, oxalis, dandelion, bindii, and other broadleaf weeds that spread through flowering and seeding. It also reduces the risk of fungal activity by increasing oxygen, boosting organic content, and encouraging worm activity for natural aeration.

Give us a call and book your Seaweed and Gone treatment today. Prices start at $77. Please note that this product is only available as a service.


As the weather warms up and we transition into spring, your lawn will start to come out of its winter dormancy, eager to flourish – so now is the time to start mowing again!

During spring, we recommend starting to shift your mowing routine back to a weekly cycle, aiming to mow your lawn every 7 to 10 days to keep it looking its best.
For those tempted to start fresh by scalping the lawn, be cautious. While this method can work well for some, it’s best executed in stages to avoid stressing your turf. It is always recommended to never cut more than one-third of the grass height in a single mow.

If you haven’t already, now is the perfect moment to get those mower blades sharpened and the machine serviced. A well-maintained mower not only makes the job easier but also ensures a cleaner cut, which is healthier for your grass.

So, dust off that mower and prepare for a season of lush, vibrant greenery!

Akers Organic Based Granular Fertiliser is a unique fertiliser established for all lawn types which is ideal for Australian conditions. With over 35 years’ experience in the industry, Akers of Lawn has built a reputation for outstanding service, knowledge and advice in the lawn industry. Using this knowledge and experience, in consultation with certified Agronomist Ryan Sheridan (M.Sc.Ag), we have developed our own unique blend aiming to maximise fertiliser efficiency and results. It is formulated using a unique organic coating, with added bio-stimulants and all essential nutrients, that will make your lawn flourish.

Dal’s Gardening Tips

  • Fertilise established gardens, plants and roses. Do NOT fertilise new plants until they have taken root and started to grow.
  • Feed established lawns with a balanced fertiliser, top dress with a sandy loam and over sow if bare patches are evident.
  • Roses – keep an eye out for aphids, thrips or mildew – spray as soon as you see the first sign! We would recommend Yates Rose Gun.
  • Fruit trees – At the first sign of pink bud spray with copper spray to help alleviate curl leaf. You will likely need to do this twice yearly; spring & autumn.
  • Indoor plants will begin to show new growth with the weather warming up. Now is a good time to re-pot them, change the potting mix, and give them light prune and a feed.
  • Test your irrigation to make sure everything functions – don’t leave it until you need it! Swap out timer batteries coming into the new season, they should be replaced yearly like fire alarm batteries.

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