Pendi Pro




Pendi Pro is a combination herbicide and premium controlled release fertiliser for the pre-emergent control of wintergrass, summergrass, crabgrass, and crowsfoot grass in turf. It also provides controlled release nitrogen and potassium for long term feeding following application. Exceptional particle uniformity results in even, efficient results.

Pendi Pro is only a pre-emergent herbicide and will not control living weeds. Please ensure that you apply well before germination of the targeted weed to ensure effective control.

Not suitable on bent grass greens, buffalo grass, carpet grass, or dichondra.

Apply 1.6-2.5kg per 100m2 for 6-8 weeks control.
20kg covers 770-900m2.

Available in 20kg

For a pre-emergent that is safe for use on buffalo grass see OxaFert

Safety Data Sheet PendiPro SDS

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