ProForce Echelon Duo

Echelon Duo Advanced Herbicide + Insecticide is a combination herbicide, insecticide and fertiliser.

  • Pre-emergent control of summer grass, crowsfoot grass, winter grass and creeping oxalis
  • Control of African black beetle, Argentinian scarab and billbug in turf
  • Added benefit of a fertiliser to feed turf

Key Features:

  • All in one solution. Pre-emergent herbicide, residual insecticide and turf fertiliser in one pass. Saves application time and associated costs.
  • Season long prevention for a range of weeds and insects. Protection up to 90 days.
  • The pre-emergent herbicide, Oxadiazon is a shoot absorbed pre-emergent herbicide, having the least amount of impact on the root system.
  • The residual insecticide Thiamethoxam provides improved bioavailability in soil at lower soil moisture levels – ensuring better movement and coverage as well as quicker performance over several other residual products.
  • Convenient and easy to apply through granular fertiliser spreaders.
  • Safer to handle and apply due to the low active ingredient concentrations.
  • Promotes a healthy turf response which increases competition from weeds and recovery from insect attack.

Echelon Duo is suitable for use on Kikuyu, Buffalo, Zoysia and Hybrid Couch (not Santa Anna). Do not use on newly seeded areas.