Bayer Tribute

Tribute selectively removes unwanted cool-season grasses from warm-season grasses. It is a selective herbicide for post emergent control of grasses such as crowsfoot grass, paspalum, winter grass and ryegrass in turf. It also provides suppression of kikuyu grass.

Safe for use on zoysia and couch lawns (common and hybrid, not including QLD blue couch).

  • Best results are achieved when the product is applied under good growing conditions and to weeds and turf which are actively growing and not under stress
  • Avoid mowing during the three to four days preceding or following treatment
  • Will not reliably control weeds that emerge after spraying
  • Use higher spray volumes for dense weed populations – refer to label for more guidance
  • Can be applied all year round
  • Better results are achieved if product is left to dry on leaf without irrigation