ProForce Duke 100 WG Herbicide is an easy-to-use soluble granular herbicide that can control a number of broadleaf and grass weeds.

Broadleaf weeds controlled: Bindii, Black Thistle, Catsear, Cotula, Cudweed, Guildford (Onion) Grass, Medic, Mouse Ear Chickweed, Oxalis, White Clover, Onion Weed and False Onion Weeds.

Grass weeds controlled: Ryegrass, Wintergrass (Suppression), Bahia, grass (Suppression and seedhead reduction).

It is best applied with a backpack or handheld sprayer to ensure even application. For best results apply to actively growing weeds.

Duke Herbicide can be used on Kikuyu, Buffalo, and common and hybrid Couch grasses. It cannot be used on Queensland Blue Couch and Zoysia Grass.

Key Features:

  • Provides control of hard to kill weeds.
  • High level of safety on Couch, Kikuyu and most Buffalo varieties.
  • Broad spectrum of weed control – Single pass solution.
  • Low application rates and low active ingredient output.
  • Provides suppression of difficult to control grass weeds in Wintergrass and Bahiagrass.
  • Low odour, non-phenoxy mix.
  • Good option from a resistance management, rotational perspective for broadleaf weeds.