Akers Monthly – September 2022

Spring has Sprung!

What to expect this season in your turf

Spring is the time to start getting your lawn summer ready, and a big part of that is getting on top of pest and weed maintenance.
Reminder: Don’t forget to WATER!
Roots are shallow after rains and will dry out quickly once the rain stops. Keep an eye out for drooping plants, discolouring, browning off or plants and/or lawns that are slow to respond to warmth in the soil. It could be something as simple as water!

African Black Beetle

The African Black Beetle becomes a prevalent issue moving into spring and summer. If left untreated, the adult beetles can feed on your lawn’s root system and destroy a large area in a small amount of time so it’s important to get on top of it quickly.


Beetle Larvae                                                         Adult Beetle


Beetle Damaged Lawns

How do I know if I have Black Beetle?

Black Beetle will eat through the roots of your lawn  which will cause it to no longer absorb nutrients. The grass will become dry and straw like and begin to die off in patches that range in size. Another tell tale sign is an increase of birds pecking in to your lawn.
The best way to check if your lawn has black beetle is by either soaking your lawn, or by mixing a bucket of soapy water and pouring it over the edge of an affected area, after about 10 minutes Beetles will usually come to the surface – this is best done at dawn or dusk.

What is the best way to treat Black Beetle?

Acelepryn is the most effective insecticide on the market and the best part is that it has a residual effect and is safe to use – giving you peace of mind for months to follow.
The formulation offers:

  • Up to 6 months protection at the higher application rate
  • Exempt from poison scheduling
  • High turf safety
  • Season-long grub and insect control
  • Ease of use with no re-entry periods and no PPE requirements
  • Low environmental impact low toxicity to most non-target animals, including birds, fish and bees

It is available to purchase in 10kg granular bags or we have new packaging sizes arriving soon including a 4kg Granule Bucket and a 100ml Liquid Bottle, which are available for pre-order.

Alternatively, we can come out and apply this product to your lawn as part of our follow up service. Give us a call to book in!
If you are wanting to treat them yourself check our website for other fast-acting insecticide products such as Lawn Solutions Grub Guard, Yates Grub Kill & Protect, and Yates Baythroid Advanced Insect Killer for Lawns.

Seaweed & Gone Treatment

Seaweed and Gone is an exclusive and unique product to Akers of Lawn, designed and developed by our very own Brad Akers.
It is an all-in-one treatment for turf, containing a liquid foliar fertiliser, broadleaf weed killer and weed deterrent. It also reduces the risk of fungal activity by increasing oxygen, boosting organic content and encouraging worm activity for natural aeration.

Want to rid your lawn of broadleaf weeds and promote new spring growth? Give us a call and book your Seaweed and Gone treatment today.  Prices start at $77. Please note that this product is only available as a service.


Pre-emergent herbicides target seasonal weed seeds during germination, reducing the chances of Summer Grasses and cereal grasses in your lawn, and now is the time to apply the treatment. For the best seasonal weed control, we recommend applying a pre-emergent in spring and autumn.

Always check the packaging as some products are not safe for certain types of lawn. We recommend OxaFert for kikuyu or buffalo lawns, PendiPro for kikuyu or couch lawns, or Barricade Herbicide and Spartan Herbicide for most lawns, all available in our online shop or instore. We also offer pre-emergent treatments as part of our seasonal follow up service. Give us a call to book in!

Getting your lawn ready for Summer

We can help you rejuvenate your lawn

Lawns are now starting their vigorous growing cycle after winter. Some lawns may require a de-thatch and/or core. Usually, both coring and scarifying are done together to aid in rejuvenating a lawn, along with applications of conditioners and fertilisers.



Coring is the process of aerating the lawn by extracting plugs of lawn and soil, to alleviate compaction and allow for water, nutrients, and oxygen to have direct contact with the root system. A machine is used to extract plugs evenly across the lawn, every 2 to 3 inches. They can then either be removed and discarded, or can be left to break down into the soil.

Akers of Lawn recommend this process on lawns that have either:

  • Dry, hardened soil
  • The lawn dehydrates quickly
  • Compacted, soggy soil
  • Moderate thatch layer

Coring is highly recommended to be done yearly on lawns that have a clay soil underneath, or lawns that struggle with water absorption. Lawns that receive regular coring are easier to mow as they are less dense and can save up to 50% on watering costs due to a quicker absorption rate.

Lawns are now starting their vigorous growing cycle after winter. Some lawns may require a de-thatch and/or core. Usually, both coring and scarifying are done together to aid in rejuvenating a lawn, along with applications of conditioners and fertilisers.



Scarifying is the process of thinning out the thatch layer to allow for new growth, with the use of a specialised machine. This does not damage the lawn and it allows for easier maintenance.

Depending on mowing habits and lawn type, your lawn will inevitably develop a thick, coarse, spongy texture to it over time. This is called a build-up of ‘thatch’, which is the result of a deep matting of the root system and presents as a layer of compressed stems, roots and grass blades which accumulate between the top of the soil and the green tips of the grass. A lawn dense with thatch is more at risk of fungus or disease forming and is often lacking in nutrient and water.

The average household requires their lawn to be scarified every 3 to 5 years.

Often the result just after a scarify doesn’t look so great, but at this time of year, with just a few weeks of sunshine it will green up beautifully. Your lawn will also be easier to mow, feel soft and even underfoot, and be healthier overall. Call now for your free quote!


As the weather and soil start warming up, lawns are coming out of dormancy, making it the perfect time to give them a boost with some good quality fertiliser. Fertilising keeps lawns greener, healthier, and helps to minimise damage from pests, weeds, and diseases. Many lawns are left washed out and lacking nutrients after the wet season. They may be lacking nitrogen, trace elements, the soil may need conditioning or assistance from a Kelp treatment to boost the micro-nutrients in the soil, or it may indicate an imbalance in its pH level.

We offer a program of spraying and fertilising with a rejuvenation service, or on its own as part of our seasonal follow up service. For those that prefer to do it yourself, we offer a range of sprays and different fertilisers, available online and instore.

Top Dressing

Spring is a good time to think about top dressing your lawn. Top dressing is the spreading of a mix of sand and organic matter to even out uneven lawn surfaces, or to assist in re-growing areas. It also helps to increase the soil’s nutrient retention, resistances to pests and diseases, improves drainage, and is best done after Coring and Scarifying.

If you are looking at doing your own small patch up or re-seeding, we can provide you with our Akers Top Dressing Mix in 15kg and a variety of Seeds in different pack sizes. Remember to never cover the entire leaf, as the lawn still needs access to the sunlight.

Akers Organic Based Liquid Kelp is a liquid fertiliser and growth stimulant sourced from Australian Waters. It is beneficial for lawns, gardens, vegetables and fruit trees promoting healthy soil, root and plant growth.

For best results, apply when plants have sufficient leaf area. Suitable for use with most forms of foliar application systems. Not recommended for use on native plants.

Don’t have a sprayer to apply this product? We have you covered with a range available instore and online.

We can also apply this to your lawn as part of our follow up service with prices starting at $65. Give us a call to book in!

Dal’s Gardening Tips for September

  • If you haven’t prepared your soil yet, now is the time. Add Akers Organic Soil Builder and mix in well. Build up your garden beds, ready for planting.
  • Fertilise established gardens, plants and roses. Do NOT fertilise new plants until they have taken root and started to grow.
  • Roses – keep an eye out for aphids, thrips or mildew – spray as soon as you see the first sign! We would recommend Yates Rose Gun.
  • Fruit trees – First sign of pink bud, spray with copper spray, this will help alleviate curl leaf. This should be twice yearly, spring & autumn.
  • Feed roses high potash minerals mixture to encourage flowers & growth such as our Michael Keelan approved Organic Garden Fertiliser.
  • Now is the time to plant seedlings for both flowers and vegetables. When planting, make sure you press around base of the plant to get rid of air pockets in the surrounding soil and keep well watered until takes root, then fertilise.

As always, thank you for your support

Best wishes,

Dal, Jacqi and the Akers of Lawn team