Start saving water today with Orbit Sprinkler Catch Cups! One of the great mysteries of sprinkler systems is how to program your timer so you don’t waste water. Making sure you use just the right amount of water, or conducting an irrigation audit, leads to maximum sprinkler efficiency and that’s where sprinkler catch cups come in.

  • Three piece set (catch cup, ring, and stake)
  • Can be bought as one, or in a pack of twelve

How to use:

Make sure each sprinkler head is standing up straight and the lawn area around it has been mowed prior so there is no growth preventing the spray of the sprinkler from evenly dispersing.

Simply place the catch cups in the included catch stands throughout each zone in your yard, keeping them at least 60cm away from the sprinkler head, run your sprinkler timer for 10-20 minutes per station, record the amount of water that falls into each cup.

Avoid doing this on a windy day and only run one line at a time. Best done when no other water is running.

Each sprinkler head spray should reach the sprinkler next to it where possible for full coverage, adjust sprinkler heads as necessary for even spray of water.

If the area has more than one line going into it, record the total amount of water after both lines have run 10-20 minutes.

If using MP Rotators or water saving sprinklers this may take 45-60 minutes pending water pressure, sprinkler type and how many sprinklers are on one line.

Minimum amount in cup should be 25mm, if not irrigation times will need to be adjusted to suit according to how long it takes to achieve 25mm minimum.