Orbit Perfect Pattern Sprinkler

Water only where needed, from one location! This sprinkler is the ideal solution for odd shaped yards as each of its nozzles can individually adjust to reach a different length. By using this sprinkler you can reduce water waste, stop watering footpaths and sheds, and eliminate the need to move your sprinkler multiple times to reach your whole lawn. It is attached to a handy spike base that you can easily press into the most ideal spot of lawn, and then remove once you have finished watering, leaving the lawn clear for activities!


  • Water all lawn and garden shapes
  • 360° adjustable
  • 12 individual nozzles can adjust in spray distance, from 2.75 to 9m
  • Step spike to secure in place
  • Ability to connect more sprinklers in a series
  • Includes a Knob Adjustment Tool