ProForce Numchuk Quad Herbicide

Numchuk Quad is a non-selective knockdown and residual herbicide containing 4 herbicides from different mode of action groups. It can provide effective post and pre-emergence weed control for up to 12 months.

  • Multiple modes of action reduce potential weed resistance issues
  • Very effective on hard to kills weeds like Fleabane and Giant Rats Tail
  • Provides both knockdown and residual control – reducing need for additional tank mixes
  • Has strong activity on both grasses and broadleaf weeds
  • Provides long term residual control – up to 12 months or greater
  • Can be used via handgun or boom application
  • Safe to established trees and ornamentals, as long as spray drift doesn’t occur
  • Not required to be watered in directly after application

Not to be used on turf grass areas. Do not use to clear area prior to new grass installations as the residual will affect the new turf.

For best results 20-30mm of water required with-in 2-3 weeks post application.

Best applied with a pressure sprayer to ensure even application.

Apply in autumn or spring when weeds are actively growing, and while soil is moist.