P-Off Bio Enzymatic Spray

Does your backyard smell? Think: ‘P-Off”!

P-Off is a unique and powerful bio-chemical solution to quickly and easily remove organic matter from synthetic turf and porous surfaces. Simply dilute into a foam applicator, set the application, apply to the affected area, soak for five minutes and then hose off! It’s that easy!

P-Off will penetrate the surface, travel through the material and into the substrate. The solution will follow the path of the animal urine then degrade uric crystals and organic matter until it’s eliminated!

P-Off is the perfect solution for smells on synthetic turf, natural turf, concrete, paving, pet play areas, grooming shops, in the home or garden, canine training facilities, restrooms, commercial kitchens, exterior dog runs and veterinary hospitals.

  • Option to purchase with a Foam Applicator*
  • Suitable for all types of synthetic turf, outdoor surfaces, & drains
  • Naturally eliminates odour & disease causing bacteria
  • Simple & easy to use with results in under 5 minutes
  • Commercial grade concentrated formula
  • Non-toxic & environmentally friendly
  • Live enzyme cleaning power
  • Veterinarian recommended
  • Controls toxic ammonia

*Foam Applicator is not sold separately