Spyker 12kg Bag Spreader

The Spyker Bag Spreader makes spreading granular product over smaller spaces quick and easy. It is sturdy and comfortable to wear, with a shield to protect the user, and finger grooves for easy handling. The waterproof tear-resistant nylon bag is quick to fill and features a viewing window on the back. The advanced calibration system with quick adjustment dial ensures accurate spreading, and no wasted product.

  • Durable waterproof bag with viewing window to gauge material use
  • Extra-wide padded shoulder strap
  • Broadcast shield to protect the user from material while spreading
  • Spyker’s advanced calibration system with easy adjustment dial for accurate spreading
  • Rugged glass reinforced resin base and fan for increased strength
  • Integrated ergonomic handle grip for easy transport and storage
  • Internal bag support rod to hold bag in place for quick filling
  • Sealed gearbox with stainless steel hardware provides unmatched durability