Seaweed & Gone; An All Purpose Turf Treatment

Seaweed and Gone® is an exclusive and unique product to Akers of Lawn, which was purposefully designed as an all-in-one fertiliser, weed killer, and weed deterrent. Our spray is versatile, multipurpose, and good for your lawn.

Containing a mixture of seaweed-based liquid foliar fertiliser and three-way herbicide, Seaweed and Gone® encourages strong plant growth and excellent colour without the risk of burning. With the addition of Humectants, an even spread is ensured to encourage easy absorption into the plant’s root system through the soil. The extra inclusion of essential plant nutrients, such as nitrogen, potassium, iron, manganese, and magnesium, along with the inclusion of organic kelp and seaweed, helps the soil by building beneficial microbes and most importantly encouraging worm activity to enrich the growth process.

Worms are integral for helping grass grow. They help break up the thatch layer, allowing water and nutrients into the root zone. Worms also eat a few known pests that can have a negative affect on the lawn, such as Nemotodes which are parasites that feed on grass roots, plus harmful bacteria, fungi and microbes. Plus their waste fertilises the soil all year round, giving you a more nutrient-rich soil.

Designed to accommodate most lawn types, Seaweed and Gone® can safely be used on buffalo, couch and kikuyu lawn. Like any spray, it can be used all year round, except for in extreme weather conditions such as strong winds or hot days. Best applied to a dry leaf, Seaweed and Gone works its way through the foliage and is then watered in.

Ideal to use as part of a rejuvenation program, Seaweed and Gone® compliments the process of coring and scarifying, to help ensure the lawn is kept healthy. Using Seaweed and Gone® prior to dethatching and reducing compaction, ensures the soil is optimal for quick and healthy regeneration. In addition, it contains pre-emergent qualities, helping to reduce and prevent some weeds. Common weeds it is used on are Broadleaf, Clover, Oxalis, Bindii, and Capeweed. Other benefits include correcting deficiencies, it helps balance nutrient depleted soils through the inclusion of trace elements and it includes a valuable source of essential plant growth proteins and amino acids.

To make sure Seaweed and Gone® is the right treatment for your lawn, it is recommended you start with a health assessment first to start you on the right track.

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