Understanding the Importance of Soil Health for Your Lawn

Your soil’s health directly influences the vitality of your lawn. Like any garden, a balanced blend of organics and nutrients is essential for promoting lush, thriving grass. In this blog, we delve into how factors such as drainage, soil pH, and nutrient levels impact your lawn’s well-being, ensuring it achieves its full potential.


Let’s start with the Impact of Drainage on Your Lawn

Poor drainage can lead to a host of issues such as fungal growth, diseases, and weed invasions. Addressing drainage before laying turf is ideal, but if issues arise later, consider these tips:

  • Aerate the soil to help improve the permeability, allowing water to travel within the soil profile. Our Coring service enhances water penetration and nutrient absorption directly at the root level, promoting stronger, healthier grass. Request your free quote today here.


  • If your soil has a high clay content, Gypsum is the ideal solution year-round. It effectively revitalizes tired and worn soils by promoting remineralization. And yes, you’ve guessed it – we offer Coring and Gypsum Application in the same service, feel free to reach out today! If you prefer the DIY approach, you can conveniently order Akers Granular Gypsum online today here 


  • For complex drainage problems, we recommend you seek professional advice. Call us at (08) 8326 3255 or email us at enquiries@akersoflawnsa.com.au. We’re here to help find the right solution for your lawn.


Finding the Right Soil pH for Healthy Turf

Most turfs thrive in a soil pH range of 5.5-7. Some, like buffalo grass, tolerate more alkaline conditions up to pH 8. The right soil pH will ensure optimal nutrient absorption.

You can easily test your soil’s pH: all you need to get is a Soil pH Meter (available in our online store). After testing your soil, you may find that its pH needs adjustment. Not to worry—whether it’s raising or lowering it, we have the right products for you in our online store. Click here (link to Soil Management Products page) to explore the solutions available.


Improving Water Penetration in Hydrophobic Soil

Is your lawn struggling to absorb water, leading to dry patches and heat stress? Combat hydrophobic soil with a wetting agent. These will help water soak into the soil, making it more available for your lawn to use. They will also help improve your lawn’s ability to hold nutrients and increase its drought tolerance.

Trust us, you don’t want to miss this important step towards healthier soil. We recommend the Lawn Solutions’ Lawn Soaker or the Baileys Grosorb Concentrate, available here


How Can I Further Support Soil Health in My Yard?

Ensuring your soil receives essential nutrients is key to maintaining a pristine backyard. Our Akers Bucket Range is your go-to for soil nutrition and the entire range is currently 20% OFF + save 5% off refills! (refills available instore only).

  • Akers Organic Soil Builder: this must-have natural soil improver and plant food enhances the soil structure and increases soil health, soil fertility, crop yield, and crop quality. Repeat applications can be done every 6-12 weeks, depending on plant.


  • Akers Certified Organic Chicken Poo: we’ve partnered with paired with Adelaide’s Garden Guru, Michael Keelan, to create the perfect product to stabilise the nutrients in your soil and maximise nutrient uptake. This magical bucket takes simple soil and transforms it to create the perfect foundation for planting. Apply every 8-10 weeks.


  • Akers Organic Based All Rounder Plant Fertiliser: one of the main benefits of this balanced complete plant food, is that it improves soil health, as well as boosts root and plant growth, increase flower and fruit production and adds trace elements & nutrients.


  • Akers Soil Booster & Lawn Food: contains essential elements and is specially formulated to encourage rapid growth and greening of all lawn types. Ideal for use on new or established lawns and when renovating problem grassed areas, Akers Soil Booster & Lawn Food’s granular formulation is easy to apply and delivers all the nutrients your lawn needs. Apply every 6-8 weeks during spring, summer, and autumn using a spreader. Before you know, we will be in spring already – get your Akers bucket while it’s still on sale!

Start your journey towards healthier soil and order your Akers buckets on our online store today


Here are two more of our products that support soil health:

  • Akers Winter Blend: a jam-packed composted granule, full of beneficial nutrients and added microbiology. It also includes vital micronutrients for assisting in macro-nutrients uptake by plants. Once applied, any fertiliser applications will have their nutrients more available to plants, reducing the amount of fertiliser needed. Regular applications of Winter Blend will significantly improve the soil health. It can be applied once a month during Winter, or as a one-off treatment to improve soil health.

Order Akers Winter Blend here

  • Akers Organic Based Liquid Kelp: liquid fertiliser and growth stimulant. This organic based product, when applied as a foliar spray, has the potential to boost root growth, improve drought stress, overcome nutrient deficiencies, stimulate cell division, and improve fruit production.


Order Akers Organic Based Liquid Kelp here


And last, but certainly not least, is our Seaweed and Gone Spray, created by Brad Akers. This exclusive and unique product was meticulously designed to correct soil deficiencies and promote quick, healthy regeneration, as well as to selectively control weeds in lawn and turf and also fertilise these. The research has shown that a combination of particular herbicides and fertiliser components provides a composition that not only selectively kills weeds but also promotes growth of cultivated lawn and turf, improves soil characteristics and deters pests.

The Seaweed and Gone Spray has also been seen to have an impact on Sour Sobs (Oxalis pes-caprae), although it may not necessarily kill that plant because it is bulbous. However, when introduced into a properly managed Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plan, including weekly mowing practices and organic granular applications of fertiliser, Sour Sob bulbs will be exhausted, and hence are killed successfully.

Request a quote for this treatment on our website by clicking here.