Organic and Sustainable Australian Kelp

Akers of Lawn have released an all-rounder liquid fertiliser and growth stimulant using organic and sustainable kelp sourced from South Australian waters. South Australian made and owned, this product is good for your lawn and great for the state.

Having built a reputation for outstanding service, knowledge and advice in the South Australian landscaping and lawn industry, we have worked in consultation with certified Agronomist Ryan Sheridan (M.Sc.Ag) to develop Organic Based Liquid Kelp. With a balance of the ideal nutrients, this amazing product:

  • improves root growth
  • improves drought stress
  • overcomes nutrient deficiencies
  • stimulates cell division and improves fruit production.

Perfect for use on all aspects of your garden, Organic Based Liquid Kelp is available in either 20L, 5L, or 1L bottles. It can be purchased from our new shop in Lonsdale or via our online store here.

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