Akers Monthly – November 2022

Tis’ the Season to Get Your Lawn Healthy!

Acclimatising to the Season

Now that winter is finally starting to subside, it is important to start adjusting mowing and watering habits according to the increase in temperature.


Although we may be getting some rain through spring, do not rely on it. Small amounts of rain don’t actually deliver enough water to the soil and root system, leaving the bulk of your lawn dry, despite the top of the leaf looking wet.
Now is the time to start turning back on sprinkler systems, making sure to test them as they may need cleaning out or adjusting.

Akers recommend giving your lawn a total of 1½ – 2 inches of water each week, depending on your turf type. To test how long to leave your sprinklers on you can use a cup (we sell some here), place it on the lawn, turn the sprinklers on and time how long it takes to fill to the 1 ½ – 2 inch mark. Take that time and divide it up over the week to give your lawn the drink it needs.


Mowing is one of the most common things we find that people lapse on through winter. Mowing encourages lateral growth, and is crucial to keeping your lawn strong, thick, and even.

With warm season lawns starting to come into growing season it is important to increase the frequency of mowing to 7-10 day intervals. Cool season lawns don’t require as frequent mowing as they are not actively growing, so we recommend doing it at 7-14 days intervals.

If thatch has developed over winter now is the time to start mowing it down. We recommend dropping the mowing height gradually over a few cuts, with no more than 1/3 being taken off the leaf in one mow, so as not to stress the lawn.
To keep your lawn level, we recommend swapping the direction you mow. For example, east to west one week and north to south the following week, then alternate. This will keep the lawn from being pushed to one direction and it will stand up much nicer. For the best outcome make sure that mower servicing is up to date, and that the blades are sharp.

Eliminating Weeds

Warm weather doesn’t just activate lawn growth, it also activates a lot of weed growth. The most common weeds are categorised as being either a grassy weed or a broadleaf weed. To help identify what weeds are popping up in your lawn, check out our helpful Common Weeds guide here.

Grassy Weeds

Grassy weeds are sometimes hard to spot, but generally will grow taller than your lawn and often in tufts. There are selective herbicides that can control some grassy weeds, but the best method to eliminate them is by using a pre-emergent herbicide. Pre-emergents target weeds before they can be seen, by forming a protective layer in the soil that prevents any new seedlings germinating. They are best applied in early to mid Spring and Autumn, before seasonal grasses start growing.

Now is the best time to apply a pre-emergent to your lawn to minimise those summer weeds popping up. Always check the labels as some products are not safe for certain lawn types. Akers recommend using Lawn Solutions OxaFert for kikuyu or buffalo lawns, Pendi Pro for kikuyu or couch lawns, or Freehand Herbicide or Spartan Herbicide for almost all lawns. All are available on our online shop, or instore.
We also offer pre-emergent treatments as part of our seasonal follow up service. Give us a call to book one in for your lawn!

Broadleaf Weeds

Just as it sounds, broadleaf weeds are weeds that have larger leaves than grass. They are the easiest of the weed types to spot and control. Different types of broadleaf weeds grow in each season, so it is always something to keep an eye out for.
The best products to apply to broadleaf weeds are selective herbicides such as Bow and Arrow or Lawn Solutions All Purpose Weed Control. These weedkillers will not harm your lawn providing they are used as directed on the label.

Alternatively we offer a spray treatment called Seaweed and Gone, as part of our seasonal follow up service. Seaweed and Gone is an exclusive and unique product to Akers of Lawn, designed and developed by our very own Brad Akers. It is an all-in-one treatment for turf, containing a liquid foliar fertiliser, broadleaf weed killer and weed deterrent. It also reduces the risk of fungal activity by increasing oxygen, boosting organic content, and encouraging worm activity for natural aeration.

Give us a call and book your Seaweed and Gone treatment today.  Prices start at $77.

Please note that this product is only available as a service.


African Black Beetle

Black Beetle are a common pest that will eat through the roots of your lawn, causing it to no longer absorb nutrients.
How to know if you have Black Beetle:
The grass will become dry and straw like and begin to die off in patches that range in size and gradually spread. Another tell-tale sign is an increase of birds pecking into your lawn, as they are trying to eat the grubs.
We have found Acelepryn to be the most effective insecticide on the market. It has a residual effect and is safe to use, giving you peace of mind for months to follow. It is available to purchase as a 10kg granular bag, 4kg granular bucket or 100ml Liquid.
Other fast-acting insecticide products that you can purchase for this pest are:
Lawn Solutions Grub Guard, Yates Grub Kill & Protect and Yates Baythroid Advanced Insect Killer for Lawns.

White Curl Grub

Curl grubs are the larvae of different species of beetle including the African Black Beetle, Blackheaded pasture cockchafer, Christmas beetles and Scarab beetles and will feed on the roots of your grass and plants. It causes yellowing and browing of lawn and can cause it to die off if they aren’t treated for.


Mole Cricket

Mole crickets are known to burrow and damage the roots of your lawn. They are most prevalent in the lawn from mid to late spring until the end of summer and prefer the habitat of moist soil.


Akers of Lawn has paired with Adelaide’s Garden Guru, Michael Keelan, to package Akers Organic Based Garden Fertiliser, the perfect multi-purpose plant fertiliser. Featuring an organic base and added humic acid, it will not only provide a balanced feed for your plants, it will also feed and stimulate beneficial microbes. Beneficial microbes are critical to ensure the applied nutrients are available for plant uptake and to maximise disease resistance. With a complete nutrient application in combination with bio-stimulants, application is beneficial both at planting or for ongoing maintenance.

Akers Organic Based Garden Fertiliser will promote root growth and rapid establishment, and is the perfect supplement to promote colour and stress resistance. Akers Organic Based Garden Fertiliser contains high levels of essential macro and micro-nutrients, ensuring a complete range of nutrients to provide atmosphere for optimal performance in your plants.

Dal’s Gardening Tips for November

  • Remove all the dead heads off of your roses and fertilise.
  • Check for yellow spot due to the humid weather and spray.
  • Hibiscus and northern plants need to be pruned and given a feed.
  • Pots and barrels need to be watered regularly 2-3 times a week.
  • Feed bulbs as they will be beginning to die down, this helps build bulbs for next year.

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