Prime Time for New Lawns

As we are starting to leave the hot weather behind, now comes a great time to install a new lawn, especially with our current irresistible specials on irrigation.

With winter comes a great balance of rain and sunshine, which is perfect for establishing a new lawn. With the assistance of rains, the ground is damp making it easier to dig and for the roots to take hold, meaning less stress on the grass as it settles in. For a new evergreen lawn to succeed and take root, it needs to be kept wet until the roots establish, which can usually take anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks. Winter rains means the overall cost of establishing a new lawn are lower, with Mother Nature pitching in to help.

Evergreen lawns are the best to plant during the cooler months due to their continuous growth. Planting turf varieties such as kikuyu and buffalo throughout cooler months can mean longer establishment rates as they are slower to take root. Despite varying speeds of growth, we are still able to lay most turf varieties with success.

To assist in establishing and maintaining a new lawn through Akers of Lawn, we have two current irrigation offers which can be available to new lawns with premium preparation up to 100m2. * The first offer available allows for free pop-ups throughout the entirety of the lawn area. Pop-ups are a great option for overhead watering because they guarantee full coverage of the area with one simple action, with no more dragging the sprinkler around the yard and getting yourself wet. The second offer currently available to customers is 50% off sub-surface underground irrigation. * Sub-Surface irrigation is a reliable and durable discreet solution which ensures water goes directly to the root zone, avoiding evaporation, run off and water wastage, and saving up to 60% on water costs.

Take advantage of Mother Nature and Akers of Lawn’s specials to help give you a new stress-free lawn which is gentler on the pocket.

*Check website for Terms and Conditions. Minimum charges apply.

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