Can I Lay Instant Lawn During Winter?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes! Yes, you can lay instant lawn during winter. Despite the cooler temperatures, laying turf can be a successful project during the winter season, unless you live in frosty areas or in and around the Adelaide hills due to the extreme cold nature of those areas. While most grass varieties take a break from growing during winter (can you blame them?), it doesn’t mean you can’t give your lawn a makeover. However, there are some points you really need to consider for a smooth turf-laying experience.

1. Handle with Care
Your new lawn might be in a dormant state so treat it gently. Since it won’t be actively growing, minimize foot traffic and heavy use. Even dormant grass needs its rest!

2. Keep it Hydrated
Despite the winter chill, your turf still needs water. If it’s not raining, you’ll need to water it. Most lawn varieties go dormant during winter, and therefore, it won’t be sending any roots into your topsoil till spring. This means that it can still dry out reasonably quickly. We suggest you keep an eye on your new grass and water as necessary.

3. Stay Patient
Winter is a time for patience—your lawn won’t be showing off its full potential just yet. You may notice visible seams where the turf pieces join and minimal root activity as your lawn settles in. Think of it as a slow dance rather than a sprint!

4. Choose wisely
When selecting a lawn variety for winter installation, it’s crucial to consider their dormancy levels. Couch lawns, for instance, halt growth entirely during the colder months and are not ideal for winter installations. Buffalo and TifTuf lawns exhibit less dormancy, making them more suitable options. Alternatively, Kikuyu lawns maintain some growth, albeit slower, in winter conditions. Availability of all lawns may be subject to extreme cold and frost.

So, if you’re eyeing that bare spot in your backyard and envisioning a lush lawn, go ahead—winter won’t stop you! While it’s not the best season for turfing, it can be done, and rest assured your lawn will thrive when spring arrives. Adelaide’s winter may be brisk, but your lawn’s future looks bright and green.

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