Autumn Garden Prep: Dal’s Top Tips for May!

G’day everyone, it’s Dal here, your friendly guide to all things gardening!

At Dal’s Gardening Tips, I’m excited to share my wealth of experience to help you keep your garden thriving year-round. With my huge home garden that feeds my family and friends with seasonal produce, I’ve learned a thing or two about gardening along the way.

So, let me share five tips for the month of May:

🌱 Check Roses for Black Spot or Mildew As winter approaches, it’s essential to inspect your roses for signs of black spot or mildew. I always resist the temptation to prune too early – late June or any time in July is the right time for this task. Once pruning is complete, I treat black spot with products like Yates Rose Gun, which you can find in our shop here.

🌱 Plant Deciduous Trees May is the perfect time to plant deciduous trees as they are generally in dormancy. Planting now will help alleviate stress on the tree and prepare it for growth in spring. I recommend considering adding a variety of deciduous trees to your garden for a beautiful landscape.

🌱 Plant Vegetables, Bulbs, Perennials, and Annuals Get your garden beds ready for a bountiful harvest and colourful blooms. In May, plant a variety of vegetables including Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Broad Beans, and Strawberry Runners. It’s also a great time to plant bulbs such as Bluebells, Daffodils, Freesias, Hyacinths, Jonquils, and Ranunculus. For vibrant colours, I love to add perennials and annuals like Carnations, Pansies and Marigolds.

🌱 Feed Your Lawn Give your lawn a boost by fertilising it in preparation for the colder months. Choose a quality fertiliser suitable for your grass type and apply according to the instructions on the packaging. We sell everything you need in our shop here and can assist you with friendly advice.

🌱 Mulch Garden Beds Apply a layer of mulch to your garden beds to help retain moisture and suppress weeds. Organic mulches like compost, straw, or wood chips are ideal for improving soil health and enhancing plant growth.

With these gardening tips from me, Dal, your garden will be ready to flourish in no time. Stay tuned for more expert advice in the coming months!

Happy Gardening!