Depending on mowing habits and lawn type, your lawn will inevitably develop a thick, coarse, spongy texture to it over time. This is called a build-up of ‘thatch’, which is the result of a deep matting of the root system and presents as a layer of compressed stems, roots and blades which accumulate between the top of the soil and the green tips of the grass.

When a lawn gets to this state, it is not healthy as it can cause fungus and disease to form. In addition, it often results in higher water bills as it is difficult for water to penetrate, causing run off and excess watering.

Scarifying is the process of thinning out this thatch layer to allow for new growth, with the use of a specialised machine. This does not damage the lawn and it allows for easier maintenance and saving in water costs. The average household requires their lawn to be scarified every 3-5 years (ask for a free quote to have your lawn assessed).

Once your lawn has been scarified by Akers of Lawn, it will be easier to mow, it will feel more even under foot and it will look greener.