Lawn Renovation

Akers of Lawn can take your tired lawn and restore it to its original state with our many services. The process of rejuvenation or “lawn renovation” is best started by removing the thick, spongy thatch layer between the soil and top growth which acts as a barrier to the root systems. Coring and scarifying, best done with specialised machinery, are two ways to improve the situation. Coring aerates the lawn by extracting plugs of soil to alleviate compaction and allow for water, nutrients and oxygen to have direct contact with the root system. Alternatively, scarifying combs through the thatch layer, thinning it out evenly across the entire lawn. Further lawn treatments will be more effective as they can now get through to the roots.

Once the roots are accessible, soil conditioning is vital to assist in optimum growth. Depending on the condition of the lawn and the pH level, this involves a top dressing of gypsum, fertiliser and pH neutralisers which ultimately improves the texture, quality and condition of your soil. Finally, an introduction of new soil and over-sowing with new seed can make your lawn as good as new. Common services provided by Akers of Lawn which uplift a tired looking lawn are reno-thinning, top dressing and re-seeding. Please see below for definitions:

 Reno-Thinning

Renovation for a tired looking lawn, Reno-Thinning uses machinery to create grooves in the top soil which allow for seed and fertilizers to repair low growth spots. Thus allowing for an even, seamless integration into the existing growth.

 Top Dressing

Top dressing is the process of levelling out an existing lawn with new soil and nutrients, with the purpose of giving it a boost to assist new growth. Often done in conjunction with scarifying, coring or re-seeding.

 Re-Seeding

Often used to repair or strengthen a current lawn, re-seeding can target patches or an overall lawn with a stronger blend of seed to make it look like new. This process is followed by Top Dressing.

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