Akers of Lawn recommend this process on a lawn that is lacking in nutrients and needs a boost. This can be due to many factors, but often presents as a dry, hardened soil or a thick, spongy thatch layer. Both prevent water, oxygen and nutrients from getting to the roots and giving the lawn the best chance of flourishing.

Coring is the process of aerating the lawn by extracting plugs of lawn to alleviate compaction and allow for water, nutrients and oxygen to have contact with the root system. Once we extract the plugs of soil, which occurs every 2 to 3 inches, the roots are open and able to absorb water and nutrients easily.

Originally, a few holes were poked into a lawn with a fork or machine that pushed the soil back down. As you can imagine, however, it has been discovered that this method increases the density of the soil and adds to the problem.

Lawns that receive regular coring are easier to mow as they are less dense and can save up to 50% on watering costs due to a quicker absorption rate.