Below is a list of frequently asked questions from our customers. We will continue to add to this list as need arises. If you do not find the answer to your question below or on our website, please do not hesitate to call the office and ask our team.




Do we offer free no obligation quotes?

Yes, we offer free no obligation quotes that are valid for up to 90 days. Please call our office on 8326 3255 and we will book you in.

How much notice do I need to give for delivery of instant turf?

If you are looking at getting instant turf delivered, we recommend giving us as much notice as possible, particularly during the warmer seasons as days can book out fast. Please take note that certain varieties need more notice than others and have select days they can be delivered on.

For Noonan Kikuyu and Santa Anna Couch, we deliver Tuesday to Saturday and we need to know no later than 11:30am the day before you require turf. Most deliveries are will happen in the morning. For all other varieties, we need to know two days before - i.e. for a Friday delivery we need to know by 4pm Wednesday. Most deliveries are afternoon deliveries. Payment is required upon order for all varieties.

When is the best time to core / scarify?

Coring can be done all year around, providing the ground is soft enough in summer and not too soft in winter. Scarifying is best left to warmer months, starting in spring.

What lawn is good for dogs?

As dogs can be tough on your lawn, we recommend you use a running grass as it will withstand this treatment. The variety you choose is dependent on how much sun your lawn area will get. If the area is shady, buffalo is best and if the area is sunny kikuyu varieties are recommended. For more information, please visit Lawn Varieties.

What lawn is good for shade?

We offer several varieties of lawn that thrive despite a shady yard. Both buffalo and fescue varieties are good for shade and can still provide even cover in an area that is up to 70% shade. For more information, please visit Lawn Varieties. Alternatively, all varieties of artificial turf are perfect for a shady yard. To read more about artificial turf, please click here.

I have a holiday house. What lawn should I use there?

As holiday houses are usually maintained intermittently throughout the year, it is important to choose a lawn variety that will withstand this level of maintenance. Kikuyu lawn is best variety as it can take the most neglect and still recover with a good watering. Alternatively, artificial turf is a very popular choice when it comes to holiday homes as it is easy to maintain and ensures that when you arrive at your destination for a holiday, you can relax and not have to worry about doing gardening.

When do I mow and how often?

Depending on your variety of lawn and the season, when to mow it, how often to mow it and how high to mow it can differ. For new lawns, please refer to our Aftercare section and for established lawns, please visit Mowing.

When do I water and how often?

The time of the year can largely determine when and how often you need to water. For new lawns, please refer to our Aftercare section and for established lawns, please visit Watering. For further information on current water restrictions, please refer to SA Water for the most recent restrictions.

What irrigation is better between pop up or subsurface?
As sub-surface irrigation is amongst the root system, water goes directly to the roots, saving on water. However, on really hot days the sun will take the moisture out of the leaf therefore overhead watering will help keep your lawn lush green colour. Having both installed is ideal for all year round lawn care but it all depends on your budget. Pop up irrigation is cheaper to install but subsurface is cheaper to run.

I have weeds in my lawn. How do I get rid of them?

Depending on the weed variety and the variety of lawn you have you can spray to treat. Be careful as some sprays will kill or harm buffalo and kikuyu. For broadleaf weeds, and to fertilise organically, try our Akers of Lawn Seaweed & Gone spray (patent pending).

I have sour sobs in my lawn. How do I get rid of them?

Sour sobs are a bulb and the most effective way in killing them is to use Round Up. However, this will also kill your lawn!  The best natural way to get rid of them is to mow frequently and slightly shorter than recommended as this will diminish the bulb as the goodness is taken out trying to grow the leaf. Never pull them out, as this will only break up the bulb into multiple weeds and make the problem worse.

Why won’t birds leave my lawn alone?

If it is common to see birds on your lawn, there is a good chance that you have grubs or beetles that need to be treated. Sometimes you can see them yourself by separating the leaves, alternatively other signs are being able to pull bits out easily, seeing small holes in the ground or by birds feeding from the lawn (often in the morning). There are chemicals on the market which can treat this problem, or a natural alternative is to flood your lawn very early in the morning for several mornings in a row. The water will bring the beetles and grubs to the surface, ready for the birds to eat.

I am having problems with my sub surface irrigation. How do I get it working?

Sometimes we have customers contacting us because they are struggling with their sub-surface. As it is a system that is constantly being used, sometimes dirt, bugs or old water can be affecting performance. Often the flushing valve is not turning off or the cover box is filling with water, and it may be due to a small stone, insect or particle being lodged in where the valve shuts off. A simple remedy can be to unscrew the lid of the flushing valve, if nothing is visible, then run the line for a couple of minutes to flush it out. Replace the lid and hand tighten, then run the line again. It should turn off after a short time. If it doesn't there may be another problem such as a faulty valve. In this instance, please contact the office and we will happy have someone come out and have a look for you.