Services – Beginning Prices

Akers of Lawn can provide many services, depending on the needs of your outdoor space. Please refer to the list below for starting prices of these services. All prices include GST. Please note, delivery fees may apply.

For a free quote to give you a price that caters to your space, please either ring us in the office, or contact us via our website, Facebook page or email, and we will arrange a time that is convenient for you.


  • Seaweed and Gone from $66.00 (for up to 100m2)
  • ColourGuard from $66.00 (for up to 100m2)
  • Seaweed and Gone and ColourGuard (must be sprayed 3 weeks apart) from $110.00 (for up to 100m2
  • Weed Spray from $53.90 (for up to 100m2)


  • Pre-Emergent Treatment from $66.00 (for up to 100m2)
  • Black Beetle and Grub Treatment from $33.00 (for up to 100m2)

Lawn Rejuvenation

  • Coring from $88.00 for 100m2

                           + clean-up from $137.50

                          + clean-up and a fertilise from $181.50

                          + clean-up, a fertilise and a soil conditioning with gypsum from $226.00

  • Scarifying

As scarifying is a removal of thatch and a thinning of the lawn, the price can vary considerably depending on the age, type and the density of the thatch. Please contact the office to arrange a quotation.

  • pH Soil Testing from $44.00

Follow Ups

This service is in place for existing customers to assist in maintaining a healthy lawn throughout the year. It includes use of organic or chemical fertilisers.

Starting from $27.50 for up to 50m2

Instant Lawn

Please visit here for an updated list on our instant lawn prices and requirements.

Artificial Lawn

Due to the nature of artificial lawn, the price is subject to the turf chosen and the shape of the area to be laid. Please contact the office to arrange a quotation.

Delivery charges may apply depending on amount ordered and location for delivery. Prices subject to change. Please ring the office to organise.

  • Noonan Fine Leaf Kikuyu from $6.80m2
  • Santa Anna Couch from $8.80m2
  • Sapphire Buffalo from $10.50m2
  • Sir Walter Buffalo from $11.90m2
  • Rhizomateous Tall Fescue from $8.80m2
  • Nullabour Couch from $8.90m2