Please refer to After Care for information on mowing a new lawn. Below is information for mowing an existing, established lawn.

An established lawn can be defined by a lawn which has a firmly established root system. It is important to remember never to take more than a third of the leaf off per mow, or you will cause stress on the lawn and this may affect the appearance. When mowing your lawn, please refer to the table below which lists recommended lengths to keep each variety of lawn. These are optimum lengths which help maintain the health of the lawn and prevent undue stress on the leaf.

Ideal Mowing Heights

Sir Walter Buffalo 40 - 60 mm
Sapphire Buffalo 40 - 60 mm
RTF Tall Fescue 40 - 60 mm
Nullabor Couch 20 - 30 mm
Santa Anna Couch 20 - 30 mm
Eureka Kikuyu 20 - 30 mm
Noonan Fine Leaf Dwarf Kikuyu 20 - 30 mm